Urea Care Callus Cream

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Urea Callus Cream is a unique therapeutic formula provides maximum moisture and healing for severely dry,cracked and rough callused skin.


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Urea Care Callus Cream

Urea care callus cream is a cream that is approved for daily application to help maintain soft supple feet and reduce callus formation.  Urea Care callus cream contains urea, urea is effective at removing and softening calluses.  In very severe cases, generously apply urea care callus cream, put the feet in plastic bags and socks over the bags at night while sleeping.  This unique therapeutic formula provides moisture and healing for severely dry,cracked and rough callused skin.

Contains: 10% urea, enriched with vitamins A, D, and E and aloe vera.

Supplied as a 6oz Tube


Creams containing Urea, Salacylic acid, and or lactic acid work extremely well for extremely dry feet and areas of callusing or cracking.  The compounds are capable of penetrating the thickened skin and chemically exfoliating.  This process can reduce the overall bulk of tissue and the risk of cracking or fissures.