Skived Metatarsal Pads

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Skived Metatarsal Pads 4 Pack

Skived Metatarsal Pads

Skived Metatarsal Pad

Skived metatarsal pads are used for a variety of foot problems like pain in the ball of the feet, neuromas, calluses, IPK’s, painful scars, and lack of a plantar fat pad.  Skived metatarsal pads splay and offload the metatarsal heads.  This reduces pressure across the ball of the foot and on the nerves between the metatarsal heads.  The skived metatarsal pad has a little less bulk making a little more well tolerated while the non-skived cut offers a little more effect.  Proper placement of the pad is critical to achieve therapeutic relief from any of above conditions.  Skived metatarsal pads can be placed on the insole, under the insole, or on the foot.  As a podiatrist, I prefer to incorporate them into an orthotic or apply skived metatarsal pads under the insole of a shoe.  I prefer orthotics because they are commonly moved from shoe to shoe, this insures patients will always have the metatarsal in the correct position each and every time a foot is placed in a shoe.

Skived metatarsal pads should be placed directly behind the metatarsal heads.  This insures proper offloading and splay in the metatarsal region.  If a skived metatarsal pad is placed on the insole of a shoe it should be on the bottom surface, this insures long life of the metatarsal pad.  The skived metatarsal pad should be located so it fits the exact area as indicated in the picture below.


Skived Metatarsal Pads

Proper metatarsal pad placement

Warning: diabetics with lack of sensation should consult their podiatrist for proper placement and fitting of skived metatarsal pads