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Semi-Flex Orthotics Semi-Flex Orthotics MF# MFS-OR3

Ideal for People weighing 100-200 Pounds Semi-Flex Orthotics are more rigid than the Flex orthotic and more flexible than the rigid orthotic. The Semi-Flex Orthotic are made from springy polypropylene the exact material a majority of custom orthotics are made from. Polypropylene is incredibly strong and durable. Semi-Flex Orthotic has just the right amount of spring to prevent excessive pronation and work the foot at the same time. Excessive pronation is a sign of flat feet and cause bunions, foot pain, plantar fascitis, knee pain, hip pain, shin splints, or back pain. The Semi-Flex orthotic can help prevent all of these disorders. Designed for every walk of life including hospitality industry, nurses, and athletes, the new semiflex orthotic is creating a durable, stable and long lasting comfort for all that have tried them.

Biomechanically designed, around a neutral foot, the Balancer orthotic help to realign the bones into a more well aligned structure.

Cleaning the Semi-Flex Orthotic

The Semi-Flex orthotic is dishwasher safe, throw them in and have them ready in now time.

How to Wear your Semi-Flex Orthotics

There are some tricks to getting the most our of your Semi-Flex Orthotics, follow these basic steps to maximize your Semi-Flex Orthotics.

  1. Always place your Semi-Flex Orthotics on the midsole of the shoe- this is the platform under the foam, neoprene, or leather insole, then place your insole on top of your orthotic, if you do not have a top cover for yourSemi-Flex Orthotics.  
  2. When buying new shoes, make sure your shoes have removable insoles- some companies insist on gluing them in- if they do- do not buy their shoes for orthotic wear.
  3. Buy shoes that have a rigid midsole, shoes that can easily be bent in any direction do not offer solid platform for your Semi-Flex Orthotics.
  4. Evaluate your shoes regularly, the materials used to construct shoes break down over time.  When the materials break down they can change the way orthotics support your feet, making theSemi-Flex Orthotics seem uncomfortable.
  5. Break your Semi-Flex Orthotics in, I normally tell my patients to wear them 1 hour the first day and increase the time by 1 hour per day, at the end of a week you are at nearly a complete day.  This is the case for most patients, however, as you practice podiatry or any medicine for that matter you quickly realize people have different tolerances.  Some are able to wear them all day from the start while others may need 10 days to acclimate to their new Semi-Flex Orthotics.  Don’t over do it with your new Semi-Flex Orthotics!!!
  6. Let your feet get use to the new Semi-Flex Orthotics.


European Sizes  3(36/37), 4(38/39), 5(40/41), 6(42/43), 7(44/45), 8(46/47), 9(48/49) 

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Orthotic Sizes

3 (Women 5.5-7) (Men 4-4.5), 4 (Women 7.5-9) (Men 5-6.5), 5 (Women 9.5-11) (Men 7-8.5), 6 (Women 11.5-12.5) (Men 9-10.5), 7 (Women 13-14) (Men 11-12.5), 8 (Men 13-14.5), 9 (Men 15-16)