Molded Gel Toe Separators

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The Molded Gel Toe Separators are some of the most customized gel toe separators available. They are designed for a slim sleek fit between the toes.



Molded Gel Toe Separators

Our new line of Molded Gel Toe Separators fit securely between the toes with a slim, sleek, secure fit. For people suffering from discomfort or corns between the toes this new toe separator will decrease the pain. The pain and discomfort usually occurs due to arthritic changes in the toes little joints. Reducing the pressure from these bone spurs and large toe joints reduces the pain.

Supplied as a 2 pack.


2 sizes available, the large fits between the big toe and the 2nd toe and the small fits between the lesser toes..

Note From the Podiatrist:

This new Molded Gel Toe Separators offer our patients an alternative to the other standard gel toe separators offered. After practicing nearly 20 years, it becomes obvious some people tolerate certain devices better than others, I expect this to be a hit.

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