Horseshoe Pad

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Horseshoe pad is used on the bottom of the foot or under the insole of the shoe to reduce the pressure causing calluses and shifts the pressure.



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Horseshoe Pad

A horseshoe pad is used to reduce pressure on different areas of the foot, usually these areas correspond to prominences of bone on the bottom of the foot but can be used anywhere.  The horseshoe pad has an adhesive backing, so it can be stuck directly to the skin or portions of the shoe and innersole.

When using callus pads for high pressure areas associated with calluses on the bottom surface of the foot, we recommend identifying the area of pressure on the insole and placing the felt horseshoe pad on the bottom surface of the insole.  The high pressure areas often have a crater or dimple the center of the open area in the horseshoe pad should be directly below the center of the dimple with the apex of the horseshoe facing toward the heel. When the felt horseshoe pad is placed on the bottom surface on the innersole it reduces the likely hood that the pad will be disturbed when the foot placed in or removed from the shoe.

Horseshoe pads are 1/8 inch in thickness and compress with time and weight bearing, additional callus pads may need to be placed over the old one(s) as they are broken down. This method allows an individual to achieve the appropriate level of offloading in small intervals to maximize comfort. Glued in innersoles will need to be separated from the mid-sole to use this technique.

Diabetics should consult their podiatrist before using any pads on their feet, diabetics and others may have a decrease in nerve function making their feet numb. The decrease in nerve function is know as peripheral neuropathy, and must be followed by podiatrist. Peripheral neuropathy has many presentations, it can start differently from one person to another, proper diagnosis and treatment are important.

Horseshoe pads are supplied on a sheet of 4.