Horseshoe Heel Gel

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The Horseshoe Heel Gel is one of the softest and most comfortable heel cushions available and works well for bone spurs, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis.


Horseshoe Heel Gel

The Horseshoe Heel Gel offers amazing cushioning for those suffering from heel pain, stone bruises, heel calluses, and bone spurs. This incredibly soft gel absorbs pressure and reduces shock to the heel when walking. The horseshoe heel gel can be worn directly under the heel or under the insole of the shoe to help hold it in place. It is highly recommended that you use both of the supplied pads one in each shoe.


One size fits all.

Supplied in a 2 pack.

Note From the Podiatrist:

People that suffer from chronic heel pain, bone spurs, or plantar fasciitis will see some relief with these. This gel is super absorbent and dissipates the shock well.