MyFootSupply Gel Toe Spreader 2 Pack

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Silicone Toe Separators – Silicone toe separators are designed to cushion the space between toes. These Corns can become very painful and cause wounds.




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Gel Toe Spreaders’s Gel Toe Spreader 2 Pack

MF# MFS T05-3’s Gel Toe Spreaders are designed to cushion the space between toes.  Some people develop painful corns between the toes also known as soft corns or heloma molle. These corns can be extremely painful, ulcerate, become infected, and in some cases lead to surgery or amputation of a toe.  The pressure causing these corns comes from the small toe joints within the toe,’s Gel Toe Spreader cushion these sources of pressure and stop the corns from foming.  The most common spot is between the big toe and the second toe, however they can occur between any toes.

In most cases they are caused by excessive pressure associated with enlarged toe joints.  Toe joints can be enlarged by trauma or normal wear and tear arthritis of the toes.  The enlarged toe joints start to encroach on the adjacent toes space, they cause pressure, pressure leads to corn, corns lead to more pressure, more pressure leads to wound.  When a wound forms it can become infected quickly, the inter-digital spaces are not the most clean places on the body.  Gel Toe Spreader reduce the acute pressure between the toes, this reduces the risk of further breakdown and corn formation.  Gel Toe Spreader come in three different sizes. in most cases the medium or large is perfect for the first inter space and medium or small are used for the lesser toes.

Maintenance and Cleaning Gel Toe Spreader

Gel Toe Spreaders are the most durable and easiest to clean, however they are made out of a super soft silicone gel- silicone can rip.  Cleaning them is quick and easy and only requires a little soapy water and a few minutes to dry.

MF# MFS T05-3-S = Small

MF# MFS T05-3-M = Medium

MF# MFS T05-3-L = Large

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