Gel Hot Spots

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Gel Hot Spots are adhesive gel cushions that can be applied to areas of rubbing or pressure to relieve comfort. Simply peel and place on the desired area.


Gel Hot Spots

Gel Hot Spots work amazing for those that need some immediate relief from rubbing or pressure. Simply peel and stick to the desired location on the foot or in a shoe. These gels are extremely versatile and can be used in numerous situations. In most cases it is desired to apply the gel adjacent to the area of rubbing are pressure to reduce the pressure area. Applying the gel directly over the area can increase the pressure or rubbing.

Supplied a sheet of 6 adhesive gels.

Ambidextrous and versatile.

One size fits all and they can be cut or modified for other applications.

Note From the Podiatrist:

The Gel Hot Spots are one of the most versatile gel cushions available. They hold their shape better than any of the soft foam corn and callus pads on the market. This allows them to reduce the pressure better over problem areas. If needed you can cut these gels by making them horseshoe shape or by cutting holes in them to reduce pressure in a specific area.