Gel Foot Cushions 2 Pack

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Gel Foot Cushions are ideal for those that suffer from fat pad atrophy. They mimic the fat pad and reduce calluses across the ball of the foot and pain.


Gel Foot Cushions

Gel Foot Cushions are placed over the 2nd or 3rd toes of the foot, a sock holds the gel in place under the ball of the foot. The gel foot cushions try to mimic the normal fat pad under the foot and reduce pressure on the skin and bones. These foot cushions are ideal for those developing pain and calluses under the ball of the foot. Fat pad atrophy is a real problem in our older population and these pads are the best solution.

Supplied as a pair, one for each foot.


One Size Fits all.

Note From the Podiatrist:

These foot pad cushions do their best to mimic the the natural fat pad. Over time many older individuals will suffer from pain in the forefoot area, these pads should be the first choice. They will reduce callus formation and pain.