MyFootSupply Gel Corn Pads 2 Pack

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Gel Corn Pads

Gel Corn Pads are simple and incredibly comfortable. Simply slip the corn gel corn pad over the toe and line up the gel surface with the corn you are trying to protect. These can be used for interdigital corns or corns on the top of the toe. These are one of the most simple and commonly used corn pads used today.

Supplied in a pack of 2.


2 sizes, the small fits the lesser toes and the large fits the big toe.

Note From the Podiatrist:

The Gel Corn Pads are a staple for patients that do not want surgery or not surgical candidates when dealing with corns. Being simple to use and readily available has led to widespread use. Many of my patients love them and stock up when they find them. If the elastic band is too long, simply trim it as need for shorter toes.

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