Gel Bunion Splint Cushion 2 Pack

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The Gel Bunion Splint Cushion works very well at stabilizing a bunion while cushioning the bony prominence. Soft gel increases comfort and durability.


Gel Bunion Splint Cushion

The Gel Bunion Splint Cushion is designed to stabilize those mild to moderate bunion deformities by connecting the big toe and the 2nd toe with a toe spacer built in toe separator and gel bunion cushion. A super soft durable gel is used for maximum comfort and durability. A Gel Bunion Splint can be worn with shoes if there is adequate room.


Supplied as a 2 pack.

One Size Fits All.

Note From the Podiatrist:

The Gel Bunion Split Cushion works well for less severe bunion cases. As with many bunions, surgery maybe required.  Just slip the gel bands over the 2nd digit and the big toe and maneuver until it is comfortable. When Comfortable, roll a sock on over the device to hold the bunion cushion in place. A wider shoe is often needed for those suffering from bunions, this device is not going to allow you to wear tighter shoes. Patients with bunions should always wear wider shoes.