MyFootSupply Gel Bunion Pad 2 Pack

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MF# MFS-T05-4

Silicone bunion pads slide over the affected great toe and provide protection for the prominent bone projection and a toe separator to prevent the great toe from overpowering the 2nd toe. Silicone bunion pads are constructed from a super soft gel for maximum comfort and easy cleaning.

Cleaning the Gel Bunion Pad

To clean the gel bunion pad, simply wash the device with  cool water and if you want a mild detergent.  Allow the device to completely dry and it is ready for use.


The gel bunion pad is ideal for people that have a bunion (Hallux abducto valgus)arthritis in the great toe joint, or painful interdigital corns between the great toe and the 2nd toe. While offering protection from shear force over the metatarsal phlangeal joint (MTPJ) it also cushions the skin and bone.  The integrated toe spreader prevents the great toe from causing pressure and stress on the 2nd toe. Gel bunion pads are supplied in pairs (2 packs) and ambidextrous ( can be used on either foot.