Foam Toe Separators 2 Pack

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Foam Toe Separators are corn pads that cushion the toes as they rest against one another. These Corn Pads reduce pressure from joints and arthritis in toes.



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Foam Toe Separators 4 pack

Foam Toe Separators are designed to cushion the area between the toes. Painful toes from arthritis, bunions, large toe joints, hammertoes, and bone spurs in the toes can limit activity, cause wounds, and corns.  Foam toe separators are designed for the 1st interpace (between the big toe and the 2nd toe), although they can be cut down for other interspaces.  Surgical foam is very soft and compressible, while quickly rebounding to its normal shape, and moderately durable.  The soft foam toe separator reduces shear force and pressure between the toes causing toe pain.

Note from the Podiatrist:

Surgical foam toe separators work very well for heloma molle or soft corns.  Soft corns are the corns that occur between the toes caused from toes encroaching on other toes, large toe joints, arthritis, bunions, or bone spurs in the toes.  The thicker 0.5 inch pad is often used with bunions. Always make sure you have adequate room in the toe box of shoes you wear with these toe separators.

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Thick 0.5 inches, Thin 0.25 inces