Elastic Gel Toe Separator 2 Pack

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The Elastic Gel Toe Separator has the best of both worlds, a durable and comfortable elastic band and a gel toe separator combined for max comfort.


Elastic Gel Toe Separator

The Elastic Gel Toe Separator combines the best of both worlds the comfort and durability of a gentle elastic band and the comfort of a gel toe separator. This device is designed for the big to only and cushions the space between the big toe and the the 2nd toe. For people that suffer from corns in this interspace, this is a great choice. The device fits most big toes and can be worn inside out or with the gel concealed.  This can make it fit smaller or larger toes easily.

Supplied as a 2 pack


One size fits all.

Note From the Podiatrist:

The Elastic Gel Toe Separator is a great option for those looking for the best of both worlds. It is durable and comfortable. As with any foot device individuals with burning, tingling, or numbness should consult their podiatrist before use.