Elastic Gel Caps 2 Pack

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Elastic Gel Caps are elastic material coated in gel on the inside that can be slipped over the toe to protect all aspects of the toe or finger.



Elastic Gel Caps

Elastic gel caps can be used on the finger of the toe, they easily slip over the digit and offer protection from the outside world. The outside is a very tough and durable elastic and the inside is a very soft moisturizing gel. On the toes elastic gel caps work great at preventing corns on the tops, between and on the tips of the toes.  The are great for people that have arthritic toes and hammer toes.


Supplied as a 2 pack.

Note From the Podiatrist:

Elastic Gel Caps are ideal for those with arthritic toe that battle chronic corns. It does not matter if the corns are between the toes on top of the toes or on the tips of the toes, these devices help. In some cases of severe deformity surgery may be necessary. People that suffer from burning, tingling, or numbness in the feet should consult their podiatrist before use.

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