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Adjustable Bunion Splint 2 Pack

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The adjustable bunion splint is designed to support and aid in bunion correction by giving support to the bunion while allowing normal range of motion.


Adjustable Bunion Splint

Our new adjustable bunion splint is ultra light and supportive. For those battling bunions the bunion splint helps train the ligaments in the foot and reduce the urge to deviate.  For those that have had bunion surgery and experience reoccurrence, this device can be used after surgery to help stabilize results. The adjustable bunion splint has an adjustable velcro band across the forefoot and the big toe, the flexible plastic skeleton has a very soft foam lining for added comfort. The hinge at the big toe joint allows for normal motion while supporting the toe in a corrected position.   The adjustable bunion splints are made and constructed of the highest quality.

Supplied as a 2 pack.

One size fits all.

Splints are ambidextrous and adjustable.

Note from the podiatrist:

Bunions vary in severity and often require surgery in the more severe cases. The adjustable bunion splints aid in preventing bunions from becoming more severe when paired with orthotics. Additionally, the adjustable bunion splint can be helpful post op to prevent the bunion from coming back and maintaining the surgical correction. While bunion splints do take up extra space in a shoe, it is possible for bunion splints to cause pressure.

Warning: Individuals with numbness, burning, tingling, diabetes, or poor sensation should consult their podiatrist before use.  These conditions make individuals high risk, and may cause unintended consequences.  Anyone with the above conditions, should be very careful when using anything on their feet. If you notice redness, wounds, sticking socks, foul smells, swelling, hot spots, or drainage seek medical attention immediately.